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Clinical Hypertension(2014~) is a continuation
of the Journal of the Korean Society of Hypertension(1995~2014).

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Vol.15(4), Dec 2009
  • 작성자 최고관리자
  • 작성일 2021-01-27 13:05:59
  • 조회 1260

Type of Journal Year Vol number start page Title Author
Original Article 2009 Vol 15, No 4 1 From Hypertension to Heart Failure Tae-Seok Kim, M.D.,
Ho-Joong Youn, M.D.
종설 2009 Vol 15, No 4 12 Dysglycemia in Hypertensive Patients :Clinical Significance of Glucose Tolerance Test Young-Kwon Kim
Original Article 2009 Vol 15, No 4 21 The Effects of Ovariectomy and Estrogen Replacement Therapy on Blood Pressure and Renin-Angiotensin System in Deoxycorticosterone Acetate-Salt Hypertensive Rat Seung Hwan Han,
Si Heung Park,
Young Hoon Kim,
Chang Gyu Park
Original Article 2009 Vol 15, No 4 30 Characteristics of Cardiac Structural Changes in Patients with Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation Jeonggeun Moon,
In Jeong Cho,
Sang-Hak Lee,
Seonghoon Choi,
Wook-Jin Chung,
Young-Sup Byun,
Sung-Kee Ryu,
Wook-Bum Pyun,
Se-Joong Rim
Original Article 2009 Vol 15, No 4 37 Prevalence and Clinical Characteristics of metabolic Syndrome in Korean Hypertensive Patients Myung-Jin Cha,
Hae-Young Lee,
Seong-Vogue Ahn,
Kyu-Rok Han,
Jeong-Bae Park,
Se-Joong Lim,
Min-Soo Hyun,
Young-Kwon Kim,
Cheol-Ho Kim,
Soon-Pyo Hong,
Jae-Eun Jun
Original Article 2009 Vol 15, No 4 45 Blood Pressure Response to Exercise in Patients with Masked Hypertension Eui-Seock Hwang, M.D.,
Se-Whan Lee, M.D.,
Chang Hoon Lee, M.D.,
Chong-Hun Park M.D.,